Why Pet Urine is Bad for Your Carpet

Our furry friends are a part of our family. We love taking them for walks, petting them, and ensuring that they have access to all the comforts. Even though your pets don’t give you much of a trouble and are litter trained from a very young age, they can still be involved in what we … Read more

How to Keep the House Clean When You Live with Pets

Living with pets is both a blessing and a curse. Pets bring unimaginable joy to our lives. There is never a dull moment with them around. However, taking care of pets is also a full-time job. They need round the clock grooming, feeding, cleaning and monitoring to make sure they don’t wreak havoc in the home. … Read more

4 Reasons to Have Your Carpet Cleaned Regularly

The closeup of a male cleaning the carpet

Carpets are a good decorative piece and can enhance the overall look of your room. But they are high maintenance and require regular cleaning. Most experts will tell you to get your carpets cleaned at least once a year. However, if your carpets receive a lot of foot traffic, it is advisable to get them … Read more

Five Common Carpet Stains

: A cream carpet

Anyone who lives in Chandler, Arizona, should know that when it comes to hire services for deep carpet cleaning, Chandler Carpet Cleaning is a perfect choice. The company offers unparalleled services and will transform your old and dirty carpet into something that’s as good as new. Now, we know that you will not think twice before … Read more

3 Signs Your Carpet Has Mold

Have you or your family members have been sneezing or suffering from runny nose and itchy eyes quite often? Mold in your house could be the culprit! While mold can grow literally anywhere, certain areas of our homes are more susceptible to mold growth – carpet is one of them. Yes, you read it right! … Read more

4 Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning in Chandler, AZ

Your home is a reflection of your personality and lifestyle. Therefore, it’s important to keep it neat and clean at all times. For maintaining a home, it’s necessary for homeowners to keep all visible and remote areas cleaned, especially your carpets. Unlike other furnishings in your homes, your carpet accumulates a lot of dust, dirt, … Read more