Why Pet Urine is Bad for Your Carpet

Our furry friends are a part of our family. We love taking them for walks, petting them, and ensuring that they have access to all the comforts. Even though your pets don’t give you much of a trouble and are litter trained from a very young age, they can still be involved in what we call ‘accidents’. Pets urinating or spraying at different spots in your house is so common. We haven’t yet cracked the code of why a litter trained pet will urine at odd places and not in their litter box, but we do know that your dog or cat’s urine is quite dangerous for your comfy carpet.

While you cannot prevent these accidents from happening, you can keep your carpets safe by ensuring that they are cleaned regularly. Since pet urine is too dangerous for your carpet, you have to hire the services of a professional carpet cleaning company for the deep cleaning of your carpet. What will happen if you don’t clean your carpets regularly? Let us tell why pet urine is dangerous for your carpet.

1. Acid and Bacteria

Pet urine is acidic with a pH level of either 5 or 6. When the urine hits your carpet, it encourages the growth of bacteria which causes the outbreak of serious diseases.

2. Carpet Discoloration

Since the urine is acidic, it begins to oxidize and react with the carpet. This causes the carpet to discolor. Your carpet will lose its appeal if you don’t tend to pet stains in a timely manner.

3. Permanent Stain

If you don’t take care of the stain in a timely manner, it will become permanent. It is always better to clean fresh stains and don’t leave them unattended for too long. Once you have cleaned the stain, call a carpet cleaning company for deep cleaning.

4. Permanent Damage

The acidic nature of the urine is quite bad for your carpet and causes permanent damage to it. Pet stains that have been left on the carpet for too long cause irreversible damage to it.

5. Lingering Odor

As discussed above, the pet urine encourages bacteria to breed on the carpet. Once bacteria starts growing on the carpet, amino acids are created. These are absorbed by the carpet fibers. Many homeowners expose the stained carpet to sunlight, thinking that the direct sunlight will help kill the bacteria. But this action bears no result. Dried urine on the carpet is also notorious for producing hydrophilic salt crystals that attract moisture. When the salts are remoistened, they give off a revolting odor. This causes more problems on a humid day.


Even when you think that you have cleaned the stain, you still need to send your carpet for deep cleaning. This is because the carpet can easily soak the urine. And by the time you clean it from the surface, it has already damaged the inside of your carpet. Keeping in view the damage that can be caused by pet urine, it is advisable that you get your carpet regularly cleaned by a professional company.